It Begins… The Template is Cut.


Remember the old OHP? Before everything went all digital and fancy, we used these bulky bits of kit to project images onto the wall.  I drew a little version of the Wave onto something called a Transparency (a see-through plastic sheet) and the image is then projected onto a large piece of hardboard.  Here you can see me drawing a line over the projection.  The Wave is ready to be cut out….

20131012-184458.jpgSafety Goggles On! And no jokes about blondes with power tools please… The Wave is carefully cut out with a jig saw.  Et Voila!  The first template is now ready. 

Although the original plan was for a 1500mm Wave structure, we thought carefully about the location at the Hotel.  Now it can blow a bit of a hooley down there, and an alarming image sprung to mind of a giant metal wave rolling onto a passing car, so we reduced the size to 1200mm.  That will still look awesome and won’t hurt as much…

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My Inspiration

When dreaming up a piece for the St Brelade’s Bay Hotel, I pondered on what the Bay means to me and my family:  We love the ocean – my husband was a commercial diver in the Gulf of Mexico oil fields; I taught scuba diving all over the world; the children enjoy splashing and jumping in the waves.  St Brelade’s Bay is our playground.  When the kids were tiny we lived in Rectory Cottage and a walk along the Bay was part of the daily routine.  Today we live up the hill and walk through Winston Churchill Park.  We’ve spent many hours wandering the sand in search of treasure – delicate shells, pummelled beach glass, strange pebbles, and interesting pieces of pottery.  The Bay is a paradise for locals and tourists alike.  With all of this in mind I created St Brelade’s Bay Wave.

sea-glass-2                 st-brelades-bay-towards-ousaine-jersey

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The Maquette


This is my winning maquette.  A maquette is a scale model of a sculpture, just in case you were wondering.  The actual thing will be quite a lot bigger.  I think I might need a bigger workshop…!

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I won!

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted (gobsmacked) to win the St Brelade’s Bay Hotel Podium Competition 2013.  This means the Powers That Be chose the maquette I submitted for a new sculpture to be placed in front of the Hotel.  Honoured!  So now we have to start making the real thing.  This Blog is all about the Journey from little maquette to big sculpture – Watch This Space…..

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