Work Gets Serious on the Wave

cutting template

Putting the mosaic practice to the side for a while, it’s time to get started on the main structure of the sculpture.  Once the template of the wave shape has been cut from hardboard it then needs final shaping to perfection….Most girls file their nails.  I file giant wooden waves.  Way more cool.plasma cutting wave


Now it’s time to start with the steel, and time to introduce my chief Fabricator and Welder of Distinction – Buter.  This picture shows him using a plasma cutter to shape one side of the wave from mild steel.  My vision is finally taking shape…..


About Islandgirl

I always wanted to be a mermaid. But I quite like my legs, so I became a Scuba Diving Instructor instead. Then I found a Texan husband in the Caribbean, moved to Jersey and had children. The water's a bit chilly for me here, so I decided to make my love of creativity my new job. How cool is that! So that's what I do: I paint, I draw and I sculpt. My inspiration comes from my travels, and from the beautiful nature all around me. Follow me a little bit on one of my journeys as I make a big big sculpture for one of local hotels. Thanks for visiting...
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