The Fiddly Bit : Experimenting with Mosaic Techniques

beachglassIt’s blowing a hooley, but the sun is shining, so I wrap up the kids and dog and off we go to our favourite place: the beach.  The task in hand is to search for treasure.  With a trained eye, you’ll see it everywhere: smooth round pebbles and beautifully pummelled beach glass, of all colours. 






Once the pieces have been collected and sorted, the next stage is to stick them onto the backing into the desired design.  I’ve been experimenting with different methods, with the help of my Trusted Tiler, Russ.  Now I have to leave them for 24 hours.  Then the fun starts: the Grouting!  Watch this space….



About Islandgirl

I always wanted to be a mermaid. But I quite like my legs, so I became a Scuba Diving Instructor instead. Then I found a Texan husband in the Caribbean, moved to Jersey and had children. The water's a bit chilly for me here, so I decided to make my love of creativity my new job. How cool is that! So that's what I do: I paint, I draw and I sculpt. My inspiration comes from my travels, and from the beautiful nature all around me. Follow me a little bit on one of my journeys as I make a big big sculpture for one of local hotels. Thanks for visiting...
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